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khunster's Journal

2PM - 닉쿤
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닉쿤 - 10점 만점에 10점

khunster; a community for 2PM's

24/06/1988 (20; 2008)
english, thai, korean, chinese
khun, khunnie, khunnie boy, khunnie boo, nichy, nickakoong, khunster
piano, acrobatics
exercising, piano, listening to music, taking photos, watching movies

at the age of 2, nichkhun returned to his hometown with his family from america.
however, he was sent back to the united states to complete his high school education.
nichkhun was scouted there and has since gained a growing fan base from thailand and korea with television appearances on programmes like the hosting gig on JYP's talent competition, Superstar Survival and his current regular appearances on SBS' Yashimannmann



play nice; take your negative personal opinions of whoever into your own journal because we come together to fangirl and not fanhate.
be active; because we all are doing this for the fun and out of love for the boy
be encouraing; no expectations of anyone constantly commenting but this will encourage the poster to do more for the community
remember to tag; thats why they are created and to help make searching for the things we want much easier
lock posts with download links; keep large images under an lj-cut and if your post includes an external link, please keep in mind to at least have something else instead of just one line with your link
do not hotlink; because nobody likes their bandwidth to exceed

what belongs here; pictures/media/fanfiction/graphics(no more than 3 previews)/picture or media spams are more than welcome
however they must be related to nichkhun in any other way
→any kind of advertising must be related to nichkhun and/or One Day and to be approved by a moderator before posting

→most importantly; enjoy ♥

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